QK Kiosk – Digital sign in/out a daily time-saver. As simple as that

QK Kiosk is a revolutionary parent digital sign in/out system that automatically marks off your rolls to save you heaps of time every single day. There will be no more dreaded sign in and out sheets or chasing parents for missed attendances every day with the wonderful QK Kiosk. QK Kiosk will exceed your expectations with great features, including prompting parents to confirm missed attendances, communicating group or individual parent messages, bulk sign in/out capability, and so much more!

QK Kiosk will provide you with a level of ease that you did not know was possible when dealing with attendance. Now, setting the QK Kiosk up in your service has never been easier with the QK Kiosk Hardware Solution that includes all your hardware and configuration at an affordable price.



5.00 out of 5

Tracey Hill - Service Manager - Sesame Lane Northlakes

“It saves us lots of time from collecting signatures from missed days, holidays, sick days etc. More time on the floor, less time in the office doing admin. Our parents love it so much, they love the speed and ease when they’re in a rush to get to work. I couldn’t live without it now”.

  • Connected to the cloud for security and accessibility
  • iPads, MAC, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Laptops and Desktops
  • Automatically marks rolls in QikKids saving time
  • Pop up alerts for parents to confirm missed attendances
  • Individual/group parent messages increasing parent communication
  • Dashboard real time view of how many children in your service
  • OSHC and bus list bulk sign in/out to ease the process every day

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