QK Journeys - Easy, meaningful documenting

"It's about the Journey, mine and yours, the lives we can inspire, the legacy we can leave, and the world we can change for the better". Tony Dungy 
We use technology to help people learn and QK Journeys is a program used to create and share learning with parents quickly and securely. More than just EYLF, it allows you to manage many areas within the NQF through simple features that assist you in all the stages of your documenting from planning, executing to observing and sharing. This logical program provides educators with a framework to meet and exceed expectations within many of the Quality Assessment areas. 
Effortlessly increase parent involvement at your service through the My Family Lounge App as they love the ability to view their child/rens portfolios and photos anywhere, anytime!


5.00 out of 5

It helps educators - and connects parents with an APP

Fantastic Training and excellent accessibility and unlimited storage for all child/rens portfolios and photos anywhere, anytime

  • Daily journals
  • Observations
  • Child goals
  • Curriculum and resource management
  • Share stories with Parents
  • Cloud for accessibility
  • My Family Lounge App parent portal

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