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More than EYLF...Introducing QKeYLM

QKeYLM is a an exciting addition to the QK Technologies suite of products,
providing QikKids customers with access to valuable tools to manage their portfolios, journaling, planning and curriculum.  

More than just EYLF, QKeYLM allows a service to manage many areas within the NQF, providing educators with a framework to meet and exceed expectations within many areas of the Quality Assessment areas.

Parents can link to their child's portfolio through QK's My Family Lounge, quickly seeing observations and other information relating to their child's development.

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Program Overview

  • Child Portfolios and Journaling
  • My Family Lounge - Parent Portal
  • Management of documentation process
  • Program planning and streamlining of centre plan
  • Group and individual observations
  • Photo and image management
  • Web-based program which can be used on various devices (Touchscreens, Laptops, Desktops and more) 

Child Portfolios

  • Snapshot view to the child’s individual Planning Cycle
  • Individual Photo Gallery
  • List of all Observations
  • Goals and Progress of Goals
  • Learning Documentation towards each Framework Outcome
  • Family Contact Details

Families - My Family Lounge

  • View the Child’s Portfolio, Program Journals and Room Program online, enabling family input into Programs
  • Provides families opportunities to contribute to the child’s learning


  • Easily view documentation for any child, room, service or group from the one login
  • Snapshot reporting on total Observations and Goals
  • Management reporting


  • Create Curriculum Areas to promote the childrens learning within the Learning Framework
  • Modify Curriculum Areas as part of the Planning Cycle
  • Create Planned Experiences and Daily Routines
  • Incorporate Spontaneous Activities into the Program
  • Document planned Intentional Teaching to support the Program
  • Easily view / modify history
  • Attachment tool to upload slide shows, collages, developmental check lists and more


  • Document the childrens learning, Critical Reflection & Intentional Teaching
  • Select one or multiple children for each Observation
  • Create customised Learning Outcome comments for each child in the Observation
  • Evaluate the Program, the Learning Outcomes and any child’s Goals
  • Modify (plan) the Program from the Observation triggered by the childrens learning and interests
  • Attachment tool to upload slide shows, collages, developmental check lists and more

Photo Management

  • Upload, store and easily retrieve photos from the Gallery.
  • Easily assign photos to the Child’s Portfolio, Rooms and Observations.

Pricing Options

Service Type QKeYLM
Ongoing fee** $1.25 per active child per month**
*Pricing is based on the fair use of QKeYLM by the service in terms of data storage. Services requiring excessive data storage requirements may be contacted for further pricing discussion.
 **Pricing for QKeYLM is based on the number of Active children at a centre at any one time. For example, if you have a service with 75 licensed places and you average 100 children attending the centre each week, the monthly cost will be 100 children x $1.25 for the month.